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Immersive systems

Our systems take advantage of modern display tech to make the student truly feel like they are flying a plane. This brings a thrilling experience to the classroom that gives students motivation to come to class and stay engaged.

Flying on flat screen monitors simply can’t take advantage of everything that modern flight simulation software is capable of.

We no longer offer the large simulators pictured, and have moved to an even more immersive design.

LinkLab VR System

LinkLab VR System

Student on final approach at  Johnson High School, St.Paul, MN

Student on final approach at Johnson High School, St.Paul, MN

professional software

Our systems use the latest version of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

Prepar3D allows you to fly anywhere, in any condition, with a wide variety of aircraft

True-to-life physics engines ensure the most accurate flight simulation experience available to civilians


We provide training to your staff on how to operate the lab, from an experienced instructor.


Scott has run the flight sim lab at Johnson Aerospace and Engineering High School in St. Paul, Minnesota since 2013. He is a licensed science teacher (physics) and a licensed private pilot. Scott is a very dynamic and creative teacher.  He synthesizes real world flight experience with classroom execution of lesson plans. His classes are highly engaging. He uses the full potential of the simulators to keep students engaged in learning experiences. It's really something to witness.  He's the guy who will teach your staff how to bring this same level of excitement and classroom execution to your school. 

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The science of flight allows students to learn multiple STEM topics at the same time. Our simulators give students hands-on experience with what they learn in class.

Sample stem flight curriculum:

When it comes to curriculum, every school is different. We are able to meet the requirements of your school district by modifying learning material for each lab.

help getting off the ground

Our labs include complete support for the first year, with additional support contracts available.

We also help you look for STEM based grants, making it easier to make your lab a reality.

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