The lab of the future.

With next-gen virtual reality, students become completely immersed in their learning environment.

We took every feature that made our labs successful and ported them to a smaller, simpler, even more immersive solution.

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Our new systems cost half as much as our previous lowest tier system.

While our previous simulator design features the largest and most immersive screen technology on the market, not every school can afford to fit as many systems into one classroom as they’d like.

The LinkLab VRFS (Virtual Reality Flight Simulator) packs all of the power of a full Surround-View system into a smaller, more affordable package without sacrificing what makes our labs unique.

LinkLab at  Air Force Academy High School , Chicago, IL

LinkLab at Air Force Academy High School, Chicago, IL

LinkLab at  Johnson Aerospace and Engineering HS , Saint Paul, MN

LinkLab at Johnson Aerospace and Engineering HS, Saint Paul, MN

not your average vr lab

In order for a VR experience to be completely immersive, there can be no corners cut when it comes to screen resolution, refresh rate, and field of view. The VRFS uses the highest fidelity VR headsets on the market. Comparing the VR available in some schools today to the VRFS is like comparing standard definition TV to HD TV.


complete immersion, complete teacher control

Maintaining an organic learning environment is pivotal to effective teaching. Our systems provide a teacher station with control and monitoring software that gives the teacher complete command of the classroom, without leaving their seat.



Previously, physically disabled students have needed extra assistance to get into the cockpit of our simulators. With the VRFS, anyone can access immersive flight simulation without any barriers.

the potential for Multi-modal simulation

With LinkLab VRFS, simulators can be adapted to teach students STEM through a variety of simulation software, without substantial hardware or lab modification.

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reach Vr speed

Our labs have helped struggling schools go from tarmac to cruising altitude.